10 06 2008

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I QUIT LW!!!!!!!!!!

10 06 2008


Army News and Tournament

10 06 2008

First of all, I wanted to tell you guys that we are versing the combined forces of MUA and CPB in the NMA’s tournament. UT will be aiding us and if all goes well we might become allies with UT. I might be giving out promotions and Medals if I see you doing well in these battles. Also we have joined an alliance called United Alliance. One more sentence for this paragraph, good luck to you CPB and MUA and let the best armies win.

Here’s just a bunch of Army News. Here’s the biggest news below: Golds lost to the combined forces of WW, ACP, UMA and Nachos. In my opinion the Golds deserved that for being rude to WW and stuff. So anyway sorry to keep you waitng, here’s the Army News.

ACP: Defeated the Golds with the combined help of WW, ACP, UMA, and Nachos.

Golds: Suffered a bloody defeat with only about 10 Golds showing up and almost all of ACP.

LW: We have gone back from our inactivity stage and have moved on again. We have been getting a massive amount of recruits and we have a Tournament against CPB and UMA with UT helping us this week.

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-Fight long and fight hard!

I’m back and Thank-you Flamingo528

9 06 2008

Guess who’s back? Super Blip’s back on this site! Woo, I’m so glad to be back. Let me tell you the reasons why I have not been active or posting. Well first of all its the Watex Warriors. My very first Club Penguin army and my favorite one too, and this army of course. Second reason, the outdoors. Yes, you heardme right. I’ve been outside more then usual.

Time for my second paragraph. Thank-you very much Flamingo528 for keeping this site going and this army going. Thanks for getting all these new recruits to join. You’ll find a nice little surprise on the Medals page. But the theme I will change, sorry for that. To finish this post off, Fight Long and Fight hard!

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Therinator in da house

8 06 2008

Yooooo guys its therinator. U may know me from cp. Well im here and ill try to make posts! Viset my site at


Waddle on!


I Think We Should!

25 05 2008

Karchuna has made a very good point everybody if we do go to the tournament, everyone will join our army and we’ll be very popular. But if we loose no one will join, because we lost. I think we should go to the tournament because I want all of you warriors to join us together and die your hearts out if we do go to the tournament. I think it’s a good idea, but its up to you.


Lots Of Pie: I agree, by the way this is Karchuna, or you can call me Super Blip, Lots Of Pie is a very nice penguin so he decided to share his account with me. Now that I have a member account, thanks to Lots Of Pie, I feel stronger and i feel like I can take on anything so let’s go to that tournament and kick those other armies butt’s.

Inactivity and Poll

25 05 2008

I usually make inactivity posts, so here is one. Due to our inactivity, and my sadness about losing Super Blip, we might be in the tournament the Non Member Army created. I do not know if we should be in that tournament or not, so I made a poll for you guys to vote if we should go to the tournament. To vote click on this link and if we do go to the tournament, I will be on a penguin named Karchuna, so you will listen to orders from Karchuna, Mo Sho, Flamingo528, and Reddog Jp.


Karchuna: I made a new chat which you can find on the Chat page. I made a new one because the computer I made that chat on is gone, so I can not be an owner on that one so I made this one, I hope you like it.